Vote for Manitoba’s Worst Road!

Whether it's damaging potholes, extreme traffic congestion, or generally unsafe roads, we've all been there. Here's your chance to do something about it.

Vote now for the road you think is Manitoba's worst! For each vote, you will be entered in our weekly prize draw for a $50 of FREE gas. You'll also be entered for the Grand Prize - a $500 car care package including FREE gas, deluxe car washes, an oil change, and much more!

Step 1: Enter the street name and city. Or zoom in on the map, locate and select the road you want to vote for.

Step 2: On the map, click on the exact section of the road for your vote. (the red bubble will move on your click)


Step 4: Enter your information and you're done!

The second annual CAA Worst Roads campaign will help draw attention to Manitoba's deteriorating roads and highways. The results will be shared with municipalities from around the province.

Vote now and have your voice heard!

Search for a road
Step 1:
Search for your road using the following options:

A) Navigate the map. Hover your curser over the map. Zoom in gradually by using the wheel of your mouse or the + and/or – buttons located in the top left corner of the map to find your road. Use the hand curser to move the map.


B) Use the “Search for a Road” entry field. Enter any of the following items listed below and then hit the search button. If your road appears in the drop down menu, select it and then hit the search button. Your road should appear on the map.

- Postal code, or;
- Street or highway name and city (example: Main Street, Vancouver or Coquihalla, Merritt), or;
- City and province (example: Penticton, BC).

Step 2:
Select your road:

Once you’ve found your road on the map, single click on the stretch of road you want to vote for and then click on the pinpoint.

Step 3:
Click the button, "VOTE FOR THIS ROAD NOW"
Step 4:
Enter your information and you’re done!