Search for a road
Step 1:
Search for your road using the following options:

A) Use the "Search for a Road" entry field. Enter any of the following items listed below and then hit the search button. If your road appears in the drop down menu, select it and then hit the search button. The map should then show your road or narrow down into the area you’re interested in viewing.

- Postal code
- Street or highway name and city (example:
  Main Street, Vancouver or Coquihalla, Merritt)
- City and province (example: Penticton, BC)


B) Navigate the map. Hover your curser over the map. Zoom in gradually by using the wheel of your mouse or the + or - buttons located in the top left corner of the map to find your road. Use the hand curser to move the map.

Step 2:
Select your road:

Once you've found your road on the map, single click on the stretch of road you want to vote for.

Step 3:
Click the button, "VOTE FOR THIS ROAD NOW"
Step 4:
Enter your information and you’re done!