Help Pave the Way to Safer Roads.

Help pave the way for safer roads!

Voting starts April 3rd for the worst road you’ve travelled on in Saskatchewan. Last year, approximately 4,298 votes were received and the Top Ten was revealed with Saskatchewan Highway 354 near Dilke voted as the number one worst road.

New this year! Cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists can also voice their concerns, along with motorists, by nominating the roads they think are in most need of improvement or repair. One vote per day per road per type of road user is acceptable.

So what is the worst road you’ve recently travelled on in Saskatchewan? Worst roads include those with potholes, craters, cracks, crumbling pavement, or poor road signs, congestion, lack of cycling or walking infrastructure, or traffic congestion.

CAA Saskatchewan acknowledges the improvements made to Saskatchewan roadways for the safety of all types of road users. But there is still work to be done and who better to help identify roads in need of repair then Saskatchewan motorist, cyclists, and pedestrians who rely on them every day for work, leisure and family travel. Working towards better roads and advocating for driver, pedestrian and cyclists safety is a priority for CAA Saskatchewan.

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To submit your photos send an email with the photo attached to with subject line CAASK Worst Road. Include your first name, the name of the road and its municipality to ensure your photo is added.

Please ensure you are in a safe location before taking a photo of a road. Avoid taking photos while driving. By submitting your worst roads photo, you are granting permission to CAA Saskatchewan to publish the image(s) in print and online regarding CAA Saskatchewan’s Worst Roads campaign. Photo will be used with first name and location only.


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Voting is open from April 3rd, 2017 to April 28th, 2017.